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A  New Approach to Food at Work


Show your staff your appreciation through an innovative at-work daily corporate office catering program using recyclable/compostable food containers.

Working from the office has its perks - just ask Seattle companies! They're finding creative ways to inspire employees to enjoy the benefits of in-office collaboration. And one incentive that really delivers? Free, delicious lunch! 

Studies show providing tasty meals boosts productivity. That's where WorkWalas comes in with our planet-friendly corporate catering options, including our innovative individually packaged daily meal program.

Fuel your team with fresh, sustainable fare that brings them together. After all, the way to an engaged workforce is through the stomach! Ditch the sad desk lunches and treat your staff to flavors that inspire. With WorkWalas, every meal is a reason to look forward to working the office.

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Weekly WorkWalas menu of meat and vegetarian entrees.

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Individual meals in recyclable or compostable containers, or a planet-friendly buffet.

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Sustainable approach to food packaging reduces or eliminates waste.

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Food is delivered to your premises fresh daily.

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A  commitment to sustainability

At WorkWalas, we source our ingredients with a focus on sustainable farming and humane animal raising practices. This means whenever possible, we buy only local produce that are currently in-season as well as grass fed, hormone and antibiotic free proteins.

How WorkWalas works


Sign up with WorkWalas - tell us how many people to feed. Choose between  recyclable/compostable food containers or buffet service.


We calculate how many meals you will need and publish a new menu on our website each week so your staff know what to expect each day.


WorkWalas delivers meals to your premises. Each person selects a meal and, if desired, reheats using your microwave.


Plus, there's no cleanup hassle; simply dispose of the recyclable/compostable containers.

Inspired by the dabbawalas of  Mumbai

In Mumbai, one of India's bustling cities, dabbawala's deliver homecooked meals to working professionals all over the city in reusable metal lunchboxes called tiffins.

The Dabbawala network consists of more than 5000 dabbawallas/workers, who collectively transport and deliver more than 350,000 dabbas or lunches in a day, and all of them, on time. Once lunch is over, the tiffins are collected and returned to their owner's home.

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